Reference for John Fegan

John was commissioned to work as a digital marketing consultant on behalf of the Google Juice Bar in London 2012. The Google Juice Bar formed part of the Getting British Business Online (GBBO) initiative, a campaign aimed at helping UK SMEs grow their business online.

John attended a digital training session in preparation for the Juice Bar event. A core focus of this programme was Google AdWords, in which John was taught to set up and optimise Paid Search accounts. Training also included an overview of Social Media and Google Products, emphasising how these free tools can be used to develop business online. At the end of the training event, John participated in a scenario interview, in which he was required to demonstrate his understanding of the topics covered throughout training by applying these to a simulated client consultation.

John possesses excellent interpersonal skills and a superb capacity for building relationships with potential clients. I was particularly impressed by his dedication to the role and timekeeping abilities, consulting with no fewer than ten clients at each day of Business 2012. He was consistently punctual, appropriately presented and well-mannered. John’s exceptional performance at Business 2012 led us to recruit him for further Juice Bar opportunities in Kent and throughout our summer campaign.

A pleasure to work with – John’s flexible approach and easy-going attitude make him an ideal person to have on any team. These attributes, combined with his strong work ethic and innate intelligence, are the perfect foundations for a successful digital marketeer. I have every confidence that John will apply his exceptional talents to best benefit your organisation. On behalf of Google and the rest of the Juice Bar team, I wish him the very best with his next career steps.

Kind Regards,

Emma Thorn

Senior Programme Manager