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Launching Guard Geese

I'll start by saying this is a very, very soft launch and I've no idea if this project will find an audience outwith myself and a few friends who personally feel the need for a few of the items on the roadmap that aren't currently present on other tools. Drum-roll please... Allow me to introduce Guard Geese*. So far it's basically Little Warden without the css. I'll get to that... probably.

It's still a long way from production ready, I've got a fair few pieces I really want to clean up/finesse and a to do list that's getting longer by the minute. Pending features are:

  • CSV upload

  • Status dashboard

  • Historic dashboard

  • cc Emails

  • User Agent Specification

  • Crawlable hours

  • Regex presence/length checks

  • Redirect monitoring solution

Not to mention a whole host of backend optimisations and improvements I'd like to make. I have to say Guard Geese is a pretty fun project to work on, as it gives me the chance to play around with a whole host of features in Angular, experiment with some new python, node, a new WordPress theme and windows Task Scheduler. This might be old hat to most but I've been a Linux guy for the better part of the last two decades so it's new to me.

Regardless of how basic it may appear I'm actually quite pleased with it already, so please. If you have time have a play, please do. Any feature recommendations, concerns/suggestions or if you just want to say hi then please, hit me up in via my form.

*for those that are wondering it takes its name from the legendary Scotch Watch that protected the precious Ballantine's spirit in Dumbarton